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Dearest Andrea

My heart is so grateful that your Brave Beautiful Heart has brought you here.

As I read your post my heart was reaching out with a great big YES of acknowledgment for your bravery.

I hear a deep connection to your heart – ‘you feel its grief, sadness and loneliness and it brought me here’. That level of presence for me speaks of such a life affirming connection with your heart. Yes there is great wounding and it can seem like knowing how to live beyond that is unfathomable – I get that and I get the ‘comparison thing’ – I do that all the time. But recently I read this “the answer to how, is YES”. I certainly don’t currently feel like I know the ‘how’ of living an authentic life, but I try just to remember at least sometimes to be okay with not knowing and just say ‘YES’. ‘YES’ for me right now is endeavouring > to allow glimmers of possibility, hope, truth and transparency to shine from my being, instead of saying a BIG FAT NO all the time, when I stop feeling and just close down instead.

As we learn to be gentle and kind with ourselves, I say YES to getting to know our heartsong and singing it loud.