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Rosie & Writers of the Dark: Thank you for your lovely & powerful response, I felt the power of it – BOOM! I am so happy with my white balloons thank you. Yes, the beauty is MY truth. My truth is beauty. I’m really happy floating off with my balloons to greener pastures and landscapes I adore. The”cacophony of danger”, my family of origin, ah, how lovely to see them as sign posts pointing me to the way of truth, MY truth. Thank you.

In what I call “3D” life, it is my lovely step dad’s viewing today.I don’t know who thought of the awful idea that there should be a viewing when he wanted no funeral. I’m not going and I’m not going to the family meal afterwards. After 11 days of hospital etc I have had enough of humans and family. My mum thinks I am going to look after her when my brother goes back home interstate next week. I’m barely functioning trying to look after my own family. My mum and two brothers drive me insane. They talk. All the time. Utter drivel. The pitch of their voices can be distressing. Danger. I am a lover of silence. Beauty. Feeling.I’m so happy to have my white balloons to hold onto.