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Bless You SeaDreamer for the gift of the ribbons. Love it and feeling compelled to get myself a collection of ribbons to decorate with beautiful words, mantra’s, quotes that can twirl around in the energy of this old/new home as I negotiate transforming ‘the family home’ into ‘my home’now mum is not here to share it anymore. Thank You for the In-spirit-ation. x I have a deep empathy for your yearning for silence when confronted by so much seemingly meaningless noise in your family of origin. I am personally struggling with the lack of real connection with my family of origin since my mum’s transition. I ache for connection but when I look to my family it just isn’t there in the form I would like it. We are just not on the same wave length. Nevertheless my personal struggle is not so arduous when I can remember that I too have not always had the awareness that I do now. I once lived without the consciousness I have now and thanks to a force greater than me I can sometimes have compassion for myself and my family members as we negotiate this thing called life. When I recently wrote a eulogy for my mum’s funeral I shared some things that she had taught me. Two of which were • Our greatest learning often arises out of difficulty, or the absence of that which we wish for. • Every one of us, is a messenger. When I personally get locked down in angst because I want something different to what I am experiencing (which is often), I try be present for the pain points and acknowledge how my future message can be so much more authentic because I have experienced the absence of that which I wish for. Thanks for listening. AND no I don’t get it ‘right’ a lot of the time. Thanks again for the ribbons, and trusting you can enjoy delicious flight time with your white balloons. Namaste.