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I have become so masterful at filling empty spaces I cannot imagine how I would manage if I had a job, a relationship, a circle of friends or any of the things we are supposed to want in order to be happy.

Yes those things would be nice and even cherished by me if they brought something complementary and richer to my experience – yet often they are a disappointment or worse still a betrayal, and so I have become the adult child in hiding waiting for it to feel safer before I step into anything that might upset my life alone and free.
I am rich in explorations, creative projects whether it be growing things, making things, caring for things, satiating my curiousity or following my fascinations.
Empty spaces are more often than not happy spaces, yet from time to time I feel the loneliness creep in of not being able to share what I enjoy, or even part of it, and I wish I had a co-adventurer that gets it, that gets me, in a way that enlivens and energises us both.