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Leanne Matton

Oh that “over reacting” response, it’s just infuriating and debilitating ? You deciphered it perfectly – we don’t want to know, don’t want to respond, so not only stop having your feelings but believe they never existed in the first place.
I sometimes wonder if the harm caused by abuse is somehow less than the harm done by the gaslighting that’s comes on top of it. Revulsion is a strong feeling that can’t be ignored. Your insight, your feelings, your knowing – they are all real and don’t become any less real because someone else refuses to look.
What it says about your experience of love is that you still know how to do it, your biological responses are intact even after all you’ve experienced. How miraculous that in the middle of the trenches with all the mud thrown at you, you still have love to give. And grief can be defined as love with nowhere to land. It is so so SO sad.