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Hi everybody,

Love the video – Charlie, keeping it very real 🙂

These days, I do a body check-in every morning. I set the alarm on my phone for ten minutes, close my eyes and start at the top of head and then tune in to all areas of my body. Then ask my body how it feels today and then listen. I imagine a pillar of white light reaching down from the sky, through me then branching out to connect me to the earth. Some days that connection is a pillar down to the inside of the planet, sometimes it does branch out like tree roots – some days more robust, some days lighter or more winding.

I also this last week started a chant when I do my body-check in – making the sound ‘Voo’ while I breathe out, then gentle breath in. (From a Peter Levine CD) It is really something to tune into the vibration of my own voice, internally – especially when it reaches my belly.

Since starting this course and reading the e-book, I’ve started picking up this cool glass paperweight I got as it’s always cool to the touch – and then keeping it in my hand while I’m sitting at my desk. This one really brings me to the present.

This one is a little out there – when I was 9 months old, the cot in which I slept got lost by the airline when my parents were moving countries. Apparently, I had used to settle and sleep well but after the cot was lost, I couldn’t settle anymore. The lady I go to for Reiki, early on got an image of me being swaddled quite snugly in blankets/similar and suggested I do this. I only noticed recently that I do this eg when meditating and I realise that it does increase my sense of safety and security.