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Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. I recently watched my niece hold her her finger up in a very strong warning gesture and then move it to her mouth in a “Shoosh, be quiet” sign to her first born much loved ONE YEAR OLD who fell backwards and hit his head. Her head shaking No and gestures shut him down completely.

Lol, I am 61, super sensitive to foods and my body lets me know very quickly if I have eaten the wrong thing. Stupidly referred to it in front of my mother the other day and was teased? and shamed (in front of others of course) THAT IT WAS ALL IN MY HEAD.

Frights, pain, cries,
Illness, grief, feelings
Shut it all down
Block it right off
Hide yourself in shame
Poison yourself with your pain.

Leave me free of care and love
I am only your mother
Do not disturb