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    Leanne Matton

    That’s what she said…

    Previously we looked at what ‘they said’. Now is the time to sit and ground yourself in the blessings you receive from those who love and appreciate you. ‘She said’ is a prompt from the wonderful Community Grace course I did with Hannah Marcotti.

    Think about all the lovely things the people in your life have said to you in the last month or so. Check your text messages, emails, instant messages and social media posts. Remember telephone calls and face to face chats.

    You can include ‘he said’ too if that feels right.

    List the words that remind you who you are, words that give you all the feels, that heal you and make you laugh. Let the magic people who make up your tribe shower you with blessings again.

    She said ‘I LOVE seeing your adventures, great JOB!’
    She said ‘I’ve never had a gift like this, thank you!’
    She said ‘I think you are taking some wonderful steps!’
    She said ‘I am so proud of you. You go girl!!’
    She said ‘Who better deserves it than YOU!?’
    She said ‘You are treasured, valued and loved.’
    She said ‘I appreciate you and the work you are putting out into the world.’
    She said ‘Thank you for reigniting a long forgotten childhood love.’
    She said ‘They are lucky to have you’.
    She said ‘It instantly made me think of you’.
    She said ‘It is a HUGE shame we’re so far apart’.
    She said ‘I’d rather come and see you’.
    She said ‘What pretty mermaid hair you have’.
    She said ‘You don’t have a mean bone in your body’.
    She said ‘You are a very dear friend’.
    She said ‘You have rare insight and a wonderfully succinct expression’.
    She said ‘I should’ve known you were INFJ’.
    She said ‘So much beautiful wisdom, I love reading it’.
    She said ‘You are going to blitz this’.

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