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    Leanne Matton

    Wisdom in nature

    Sky above me
    Earth below me
    Fire within me
    Water around me
    Pagan prayer

    Mother Nature is a part of us as we are a part of her. Being aware of my feet on the earth keeps me grounded and stops me floating away with the fairies and not being fully present. Being amongst the trees brings back memories from childhood when I would spend all day outside, I even wanted to sleep outside but I wasn’t allowed.

    Several years ago I did a wonderful course called Barefoot Breathing. Today’s prompt is based on elements of this. The same energy that moves our bodies exists in Mother Earth and Father Sky. We find answers to the unknown by asking the natural world for its wisdom.


    Find a natural place near where you live, somewhere you can stand barefoot on the earth. It might be your garden, a place near a body of water like a lake or river or beach, or your local park.

    Feel your feet on the earth, feel the earth under your feet. Take ten deep breaths, imagining as you do that your in breath comes from the sky above and your out breath flows into the earth below you.

    Now take a short walk, following your intuition as to which direction you go. Let your body choose the way, rather than your mind. Notice the energy that pulls you in a particular direction.

    When you stop, take some time to face each direction. Which one feels the most comfortable?

    Look up to the sky or the trees above you and let your thoughts carry you away for a moment. Let yourself feel the immense size of the world around you. Close your eyes for a moment and take some more deep breaths.

    When you open your eyes again, ask Mother Nature to guide you to the trees that have your answers. The trees are so much bigger than us so they can handle big questions. Follow your feet until you find them. Sit down and ask them your questions.

    Write about how you felt and where you were led during this activity. Write about three things that drew your attention. Write about your trees and the wisdom they shared.


    I went down to the marshy area where it was wet and muddy. I took my shoes off and waded through it all. I felt the warm water squelch between my toes – joy!

    The best thing is I had the whole area to myself because no-one else was mad enough to go down there in the mud.

    I turned in all directions and felt pulled mostly towards the east. Where I live the ocean lies in this direction. Facing west was towards the city and it felt uncomfortable, also to the north and south are more cities, so I wondered if the pull to the east was in line with where I am at the moment – being introspective, exploring nature, having time alone.

    I walked in this direction and was led down a steep verge. I came across a tall stark tree that looks dead but I sensed there was still life inside. Beside it grew another tree with long branches almost reaching the ground. I felt they were the trees I’d been looking for.

    I found a dry spot and sat down between them to ask my questions. The leafy one told me to keep reaching out my arms as far as I can, the bare one told me to keep standing tall no matter how I feel inside. I felt their wisdom bringing stability to my nervous system.

    I closed my eyes and noticed other sensations, like the sun, the breeze, bitey things, perspiration, pebbles under my feet. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was that the tide had almost gone out.

    I took a moment to write about how there are times you can retreat into your comfort zone, and times when you can push yourself right out into the world. You don’t have to always be pushing forward or always be in retreat. You can do both alternately and nurture yourself in the process.

    I enjoyed being barefoot in an unfamiliar place, especially when my feet got wet. It made me feel connected to the planet – I often feel like I’m not really here. I need to get outside more, every day.

    Tell us about the wisdom you found in the wild.

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