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    Leanne Matton

    Dear Explorers

    For the last few weeks we have shared together and travelled solo as needed. Even if you haven’t finished working through all the prompts, remember that all journeys are different and only you know the time you need to take for this process.

    We have explored many paths, together and alone:

    they said
    she said

    Thank you for showing up, for being willing to go deep and explore the dark places. Some of you explored from different angles and perspectives, some of you chose the prompts that most spoke to you.

    In all ways, you have begun to explore your grief and honour your right to hold and express it. I hope you have found this process to be a release, a freeing up of energy, and the discovery of new meanings along with acceptance of what is in this moment.

    I hope you have found something you can come back to as your true north whenever you need to, and that you were able to create something that brings together the lost pieces in a way that anchors you in this world of unpredictability.

    As we reach the official close of this time together, remember you can come back to the prompts in your own time as often as you need, as well as joining further Sanctuary gatherings. Also remember to celebrate your realisations and keep them in the light, no matter what others would tell you. There is no shame in grief.

    This course material is my original content. I create every part of it, and in this world of online connection, I go through phases of feeling passion and joy to feeling uncertain and not enough. I am truly grateful to you for taking a chance on me and engaging with the work I do. The content of this forum will be removed for privacy reasons in the next 3 weeks so make sure you’ve copied anything you’d like to keep.

    Thank you from my heart because I know this process of following our calling and healing our hearts can be the hardest road to choose. Thank you for honouring me with your vulnerability and trust. You have my humble gratitude and deep admiration.

    So much love to you all.

    Leanne xo

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