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    (Let your body know that it can trust you.)

    • Take in a cleansing breath . . .
    • Stand or sit on the sacred earth . . .
    • Look at nature and describe what you see . . .
    * Purify myself in the Sage Smoke from a Smudge Stick . . .
    • Sip on a cup of “Zen tea” or dark cocoa . . .
    • Give Simon, “The Boys” or Summer gentle, reflective, and calming rubs . . .

    Coping Reactions
    (Affirmations to reframe my negative reactions to anxiety and stress.)

    • When I am hyper alert, it is the residual reaction of often having no one to protect me as a child –
    “I am now an adult. I can care for myself, identify and avoid toxic people, and actively keep myself safe and secure.”
    • Food and alcohol were how I used to cope with anxiety, boredom, loneliness and hopelessness –
    “I now focus on my recovery, reading and writing therapy, spirituality and on improving my mental health. I will meditate in nature and be as productive as possible to reduce complacency and depression. Hopefully, I will reach out to others for help and to give help in our overcoming painful states.”
    • I live in isolation because people are often cruel, dishonest, betraying, steal and/or take advantage of me –
    • “I will discover, make and maintain real, sincere and honest human connections.”

    Dissociation Strategy
    (I never truly grasped the definition of dissociation and had pretty much chocked it up to being distracted or “just not living in the present”. I actually had to look up the psychological definition of it.)

    I took the Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) test and was given a score of 44. A score above 30 has a higher association with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). It was noted on the test site that “. . . most trauma survivors that are clinically diagnosed with DID will score in the 40s on the DES.” THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH and EXPLAINS A LOT of my “MISSING LIFE”.

    Apparently, I need to work hard on “[being] in the here-and-now of life while working in [therapy]”! I must keep a consistent schedule in working The Creative Sanctuary program. Before working on each assignment, I will have a clear mind and spend time outdoors with my pets or doing some type of yard work. It is critical that I focus on staying in the present so that my brain and body can heal.

    Leanne Matton

    You don’t have to wait! And I see you haven’t ??
    Wow that scale, your score, that’s big insight and a lot to take in.
    Great affirmations and grounding strategies – I hope that the continued repetition of these things helps shift some of the stuckness and builds good energy and a return to self-trust and present awareness for you. xx


    Great list thank you xxxxxx Just found it! See you in here!! Yay!


    Thank you, Sea Dreamer! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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