noun: refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger.


Sanctuary for Wounded Souls

Creative inspiration, conversation and connection in a safe space where you will never be told how you should feel, or that you should ‘get over it’ and ‘move on’.

How it works

For one annual fee, you’ll join a safe community dedicated to honouring and supporting your experience of a life impacted by trauma. A personal login will be emailed to the address you used to sign into Paypal.

What you get

 Once you join, you’ll have a whole year to access all the courses below, engage in our private community (optional), and read private blog articles and other inspiration. New offerings are added regularly.


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For you:

Safety and Stabilisation

An ESSENTIAL companion booklet to all other courses, outlining ways to stay safe and grounded throughout.  Activities and prompts focusing on:

  • Feeling safe in your body
  • Grounding yourself
  • Coping tools
  • Building resources
  • Dealing with dissociation
  • Remaining in the present

Shedding Skin

10 soul prompts to explore through art, journalling, ritual and deep connection:

  • Make room to express more of who you really are
  • Give voice to all that has gone unspoken
  • Release old beliefs and make room for hidden and forgotten truths
  • Acknowledge and grieve your losses
  • Find ways to integrate them into the bigger story of you
  • Shed your old skin and grow into a new one whose time has come.

A live course for sensitive creative souls who want to create more space all that has been hidden to emerge and find full expression.

Scapegoat Recovery Guide

Are you ready to step out of the scapegoat role and discover the following? This e-book covers all this and more:

  • What is a scapegoat?
  • What are the signs you might be a scapegoat?
  • How does this affect you in your daily life?
  • What is the cost to you overall?
  • How do you undo your scapegoat programming?
  • What do you need now?


Dark Gifts

Come on a hero’s journey into the shadows to discover your lost treasure:

  • Preparation
  • Answer the call
  • Enter the cave
  • Tame your dragon
  • Transformation

A live course offering five writing prompts to honour your wounded parts.

Writing down the dark

A gentle three-part process of releasing all that has been pushed down and gone unacknowledged. This live course covers:

  • Prompts for listening and acknowledging denied feelings and unrecognised loss
  • Activities for gentle self-expression to embody new ways of living your story
  • Suggestions for soothing your soul, to open doors to new meanings and find your true north.

A Guide For The Wounded Soul

Contains creative activities and prompts, such as:

  • Rewriting your story
  • Healing from the inside out
  • Coming home to your body
  • Tapping into your own source of inner wisdom
  • Learning to trust your intuition

Art & Soul SPACE

A live creativity course in a safe gathering place that includes:

  • Creative activities including art therapy tools to explore soothing your nervous system and making meaning of your experiences without the need for a one on one therapy session
  • Support from other like-minded, non-judgemental members who ‘get it’

Private Resource Library

Available for members only

This includes creative inspiration and writing I don’t share publicly, such as:

  • Private journal entries
  • Articles about lived experience
  • Poems
  • Other inspiration


Got questions about any of the courses, the sign-up process, the support offered or our private group? Then please click here and you’ll find most of the answers.


AU$99 (approx. US$65)

Click here for your 12 month membership.

For the price of one course, you’ll get them ALL as soon as you join!