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Please note I am unfortunately unable to accept new clients until after the end of June 2023.


Have you been dealing with the ongoing impacts of childhood trauma?

Complex posttraumatic stress disorder is different from anxiety, depression and PTSD. It’s the result of long-term multiple circumstances often occurring in childhood when your brain was still developing.

Repeated experiences that are overwhelming, such as abuse and neglect, disrupt many aspects of a child’s ability to form secure attachments and a healthy sense of safety in relationships with others.

These experiences occur in the body, not in the events or the intellectual retelling of them. This means the answers are found there too, but until you’re able to ‘complete’ the experience by allowing your body to respond in ways it was prevented from doing at the time, you’ll continue to have ‘triggers’ and feel unsafe.

Your body holds your story - reconnect with it in a safe supported space.

What happens in a one to one counselling session?

Online sessions are held via secure Telehealth platform (not Skype or Zoom, unless you request it) where you’ll receive your own unique link with no software to download. For locals to South East Queensland, sessions are available in person and last for 60 minutes. The cost is AU$160 and a Medicare rebate of $89.65 for up to 10 sessions per year is available for Australian recipients of a mental health care plan.

We’ll discuss what’s been coming up for you, what you’d like to work on, and what you’ve already tried. We’ll come up with an overall idea of what needs to happen and how we might go about creating that.

We won’t just talk about what’s happening, we’ll dig deep and start exploring. This often brings up more questions, which is why we might use somatic work and art therapy approaches to deepen the exploration and connect with your body wisdom.

We’ll integrate what we’ve learned, and come up with an active plan to make your transformation tangible in the real world. We’ll turn your insights into actions so that you can embody the changes in your daily life.

You might choose to focus broadly on the issues that have been affecting you across a range of life situations, for example anxiety and panic, low mood or communication and assertiveness. Alternatively you might want to focus on a specific area, such as dating and relationship issues, body image, self-sabotage, or difficulties with putting yourself first.

You are welcome to schedule a free 15 min chat if you’re unsure how we might work together on the changes you’re looking for in your life.

I have a particular interest in working with clients from families where the dynamics include narcissistic abuse, scapegoating and low or no contact among family members. As an adopted person during the era of forced adoptions, I am uniquely able to understand and support people with adoption-related trauma. I have done specialised training with the Australian Psychological Society as well as having lived experience in this area.

Whatever your family background though, complex trauma is what we experience when we’re confronted with situations that leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to respond effectively in the moment, such as bodily injury, illness or bullying.

Because our stories can’t always be fully expressed in words, I use a number of mediums in addition to more traditional approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. These include guided drawing, somatic psychotherapy, and therapeutic journalling. You do not need to have any creative experience whatsoever. Together we’ll find the most simple and effective approach for you and your unique journey.

Being a psychologist doesn’t mean I know what’s best for you. It doesn’t mean I see you as a category or a diagnostic label. It means I have the honour of you trusting me with the pieces of the jigsaw, allowing me to hold them without judgment as you sort them into a design that works best for you. Sometimes the best framework for this is an embodied creative model rather than focusing on one specific goal.

This creative process means I have the privilege of shining light for your feet as you pick your way through the debris to create a path only you can create. It means we become detectives together, being curious and exploring the dark corners, shifting what we can while accepting what is. Together we’ll tap into your inner wisdom and create a map of your life as a living expression of your spirit.