Hi, I’m Leanne


I would love for you to come and join me in the Sanctuary. You can also say hi on social media or send me a message via my contact page.

I am a registered psychologist in clinical practice. All psychologists, regardless of their area of endorsement, are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat psychological disorders. Although I completed the majority of a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (course work and placements) I did not complete my research thesis and as a result I do not have an endorsement as a clinical psychologist.

What I do have is six years of tertiary training followed by 25 years experience in clinical settings such as hospitals, community clinics and universities, along with extensive ongoing professional development and clinical supervision.

There is no evidence that psychologists with clinical endorsement obtain any more effective outcomes for their clients than any other psychologist. Unfortunately due to the amount of misinformation surrounding this issue, you may have been told otherwise. Please be assured that any psychologist you see is trained and qualified to work with you and you are the best judge on who is the best fit for you personally.

In addition to being a registered psychologist I am also a certified art therapist with an interest in the creative healing modalities.  I am here for the orphans, the outcasts, the outsiders, the wounded warriors, all in a multi-dimensional way that creates support, education and safe gathering spaces for those who are living with complex relational trauma.

Being an adoptee with a lived experience of verbal, emotional and physical violence, which continues to impact and exacerbate my life experience, has given me an understanding of those who have experienced attachment trauma and complex PTSD with all their life-altering consequences.  There are some impacts of trauma, estrangement and scapegoating that may never be healed and as such, I continue to search out ways we can integrate these experiences into our stories without shame.

At the moment I am a student at the Queensland College of Art, seeking to enhance my ability to support the creative expression of my own and others’ experiences of living for which words are inadequate. While conceptualising our complex human experiences in ways that go beyond words, I also have a lifelong love of words and so I am at work on a memoir, outlining my personal journey through attachment trauma, emotional deprivation, emotional and physical abuse and family estrangement.