Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m here for people who want to stand and face their childhood wounds so they can live a full life and halt the generational passage of trauma. I’ve walked and still walk this path and I bring to you all I’ve learned along the way. My aim is to provide trauma-informed information, support, and a sense of like-minded community many of us have lacked.

Introducing the Creative Sanctuary

  • Are you seeking sanctuary from a world where you feel under-resourced and overwhelmed? Our private sanctuary is a gentle trauma-informed space where your experiences will never be minimised or dismissed. In our private Frangipani & Jade room we share weekly activities aimed at bringing your body, mind and spirit back into alignment after painful experiences, such as childhood wounding, scapegoating, narcissistic abuse and/or family estrangement.
  • This includes art therapy and creative journalling tools to support you in making sense of your experiences without the need for a one-on-one therapy session, for example working with your shadow, inner child work, trusting your intuition, re-engaging with your creativity.
  • Using your words, images, photographs, collage, drawing, paint, clay, movement, dance etc, you’ll be able to work through activities either on your own or together with our supportive confidential group. We use a secure private platform (not based on Facebook) and no, you don’t need any art or writing experience whatsoever! These activities are not focused on a finished product but rather on the process and reflections that happen along the way.
  • As an extra bonus, you’ll get access to my complete library of e-books containing all these prompts and many more for you to download and keep forever. You’ll also have access to members-only posts – articles, private journal entries, poems and other inspiration I don’t share publicly.


“This group is just wonderful.  There is so much healing, acceptance, validation, being heard and being seen.  What we’ve all never really had.  Sharing the worst with people who really know.  It was just what I needed and so much more.  This experience has been priceless and irreplaceable.”


Judy, Manchester


“What a beautiful, heartfelt time we had together in this incredibly special group.  Recognition, support, understanding and so sharing, all help by Leanne’s gentle and limitless compassion.  Thank you, Leanne and all the courageous, wonderful members of our group.”


Jewel, Melbourne


“Every person in the forum reached their hands out to me.  The safety, love and support in this group may very well have saved me from a serious nervous breakdown.  What is going on in my life right now is more than most of my friends can bear..”


Rikki, New Mexico


“Thanks for this opportunity to dig deeper into life’s stuff!  Doing all of this has helped me to cement my place in life where I am now.  There will be no turning back.  Everyone’s support has given me the encouragement that I needed.  The course work was the very first time that I had the opportunity to get those feelings down on paper and out into the open.  This group has been very helpful!!  Still putting one foot in front to of the other and am moving forward.”


Carol, San Diego