Due to a recent intake of new clients, I am regrettably unable to take any more referrals for the next several months. Please let me know if you’d like to go on a wait list or would like a suggestion for support elsewhere.


Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m here for people who want to re-establish their life following trauma. Whether this is a recent experience or you’re wanting to face childhood wounds and halt the generational passage of trauma, I’m here to support you to create a life that works for you. My aim is to offer trauma-informed information, support and resources many of us have lacked.

Trauma-Informed Support



  • Are you seeking sanctuary from a world where you feel under-resourced and overwhelmed? I offer a gentle trauma-informed space where your experiences will never be minimised or dismissed. Individual sessions utilise creative activities aimed at bringing your body, mind and spirit back into alignment after painful experiences, such as childhood wounding, scapegoating, narcissistic abuse and/or family estrangement, as well as workplace trauma, accidents or burnout.
  • We’ll use somatic therapy and creative tools to support you in making sense of your experiences, for example repairing your nervous system, inner child work, trusting your intuition, and re-engaging with your community following a traumatic event. You don’t need any creative experience whatsoever as these activities are not focused on a finished product but rather on the process and reflections that happen along the way.