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Leanne Matton

Judy, a body check is a brilliant way to start the day, what a great idea ? There’s so much self-care in that before you even get out of bed. And of course it depends how present we can be with our body as to how deep we can each go with that each day.
The vu sound is very powerful, my therapist suggested not to do it more than twice at a time. I guess we can trust our intuition on that one.
I also have a paperweight, a clear glass one, it’s very grounding. And how interesting about the image of being swaddled. You might like the feel of a weighted blanked or cushion also.
It looks like you uploaded an image Judy but it was too big – they need to be under 1mg I believe. You can always shrink them down using free apps on the net if needed.
Thanks for sharing all your practises, it’s great to read what everyone finds helpful ?