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My coping statements are in play every day. Every part of the list of examples are coping behaviors that I’ve used for protection. The one area that my insides wrestle with is the homeostasis of self-criticism. it feels like that moment that I freed myself from the critical environment of my childhood, I elected to continue the criticism inside my own head. It feels just like home. I talk back to it, reframe it, and make improvements daily, but that voice continues to live inside. A hungry ghost in my head.

My best work on internal housecleaning is in accepting that martyr part inside me. I can go into the martyrdom too much. My coping statement that works on this behavior is to tell myself that “you have had way more than a fair share, and it’s okay to feel the martyr when needed.” I seem to martyr along less when i validate myself like I wish others would. A wound of mine is “not being seen.” Each time I see myself in my various parts, I put back another little shred of my torn to bits soul. That’s what the coping statements do for me.