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    Leanne Matton

    Welcome to our Frangipani & Jade room.

    Some Guidelines

    This is a private group for Sanctuary members. No-one else can see the forum or what is posted here.

    This is a safe space, a place to honour your feelings – grief, anger, joy and so on. Please hold all that is shared here as private and sacred, keeping it within the safe container of this forum.

    I’ll post a new thread for each prompt and you’ll also receive an email each Sunday. You’ll be able to post images with your posts but remember they will need to be smaller than 1 megabyte, so if you need to compress your image, there are many free sites online where you can do that.

    There will be people who write things that you might relate deeply to and feel a connection with. This makes us feel so much less alone in our experiences, and as we know most of us have felt very alone at different stages of our lives.

    You are under no obligation to participate in any discussions, but if it feels right you are welcome to respond to those comments you resonate with. If you see a post without comments you might like to respond, but there is no expectation for you to do so.

    I will be checking in regularly. Please email or message me with any questions, comments or words you want to share privately.

    This is a trauma-informed space so it’s important you have a look at the e-book entitled Safety & Security as the activities contained in it will help you stay grounded and regulated if you choose to do some of the more difficult prompts.

    If you feel triggered by either a prompt or someone else’s response to it, please take care of yourself and use the coping skills outlined there along with any others that work for you. We are not here to be retraumatised!

    I look forward to being in this space together, and I am here for you all.

    Leanne xo

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by Leanne Matton.
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    Are you allowed to link to the family of artists course you love?

    Leanne Matton

    Yes of course Milan Art Institute

    (That’s an affiliate link so if anyone decides to join you’ll get a free course with it and I’ll get some pocket money for my painting materials ?)


    Happy to hear from you and to be drawn back here <3 🙂

    Leanne Matton

    Happy you’re here Anne 🙂

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